GetLook Cares in association with People's Peace Foundation

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How funds are used

  • To send care packages with essential grocery staples like rice, wheat flour, dal, sugar, and more to beauticians’ and their families.
  • This fund will provide sustenance support to deserving beauticians and their families over next few months in association with People's Peace Foundation
  • This is a 100% not-for-profit campaign, and the use of all proceeds will be disclosed in a financial transparency report which will be sent to all the contributors to the campaign.
  • Across GetLook, all beauticians are at home with no income
  • Rs. 250 will support 1 person for a week
  • Rs. 500 will support 1 family for a week
  • Rs. 1000 will support 2 families for a week
  • Rs. 1500 will support 3 families for a week
  • Rs. 2000 will support 4 families for a week
  • Extending interest free advances to the beauticians


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